Increasing Your Earning Potential

Would you like to know how to increase your money earning potential and enjoy the income you believe you are really worth? Learn how you could be leaving a fortune on the table every day of your life!

With few exceptions, most people would like to know how to increase their potential for earning more money whether it be through their job or their business. Yet few actually ever achieve anywhere close to their true potential and go through life feeling like they were being short changed.

You probably feel that way yourself if you have been working in a job for some time and are forever watching newer employees coming into the company and getting promoted over you or getting better pay rises or bonuses.

Or perhaps your business is just getting by when you are sure it could grow into a much more potent wealth generating machine, but despite your best efforts, its just doesn't seem to take off.

How Do Other People Earn More Than Me?

increase earning potentialIt can be galling to watch other people earning more than you, when they are no better qualified or experienced or knowledgeable than you are in your line of work. It's often tough to figure out what they have that you don't!

But however you look at it, there always seems to be someone else that leap frogs over you to get that next choice promotion in your company, or a business rival that steals the contract you were going for. What is it that they have or do that you don't have or are not doing?

The answer often lies not in the physical traits of you or other people. It more often than no lies in yours and their mentality, or ruling state of mind.

Now you can scoff at the very idea of it if you want. But sometimes, the evidence can be very difficult to ignore.

When All Things Are Equal

You must have seen or experienced personally situations where two people of equal ability, qualification, knowledge and experience go up for the same job and one gets it while the other does not.

If they're both:

Aside from having been pre-selected due to a high level favour between senior managers or being the son or daughter of the boss, if it isn't in the consciousness of the one who gets the job, what else can it be?

Take another example of two people working in the same sales organization, having benefitted from the same level of training, being managed by the same person, selling the same product in the same market in the same town. One is working long hours and putting a lot of work in and just getting by, while the other is taking it easy, working few hours and is making crazy amounts of money.

What is the difference between these two people if it's not in their mental state?

Sure, you can claim that one person is a great salesperson while the other doesn't have that gift. But what makes one person a great salesperson and another not if they both received the exact same training and mentoring?

It has to be in the person's consciousness.

The Mental State of Winning

great salesmanThere is a definite correlation between the ruling mental state of the great salesperson and the mediocre salesperson, or the rapidly rising young executive and the stuck-in-a-rut cubicle jockey. One has a positive, ambitious, unbeatable mental state while the other has a mediocre one.

The good news is that if you don't think you have the right mindset working for you, you can change your mental state to the one you want. But how is this possible, you might wonder?

For starters, you need to be capable of focusing your thought onto the precise thing that you want and then be able to maintain a constant belief and level of determination that you are going to get it. And to keep that focus no matter what.

This boils down to being highly dedicated to the achievements that you desire and to stop letting peripheral distractions keep getting in your way.

Learning How to Be Successful

Being successful is attributed by almost all of the world's most successful people more to a success consciousness than to any other factor. Many successful people became so not through getting the lucky break or being in the right place at the right time, but by creating their own luck and putting themselves in the place they needed to be so that their success could find them and they could find their success.

That may sound almost fairy tale pretentious. But when you study the top earners, most successful business people, greatest athletes and sportspeople, top writers, performing artists, politicians and in fact anyone who has achieved their goals in life, it will become patently obvious that few of them had or were given any better chances than you or I had or have.

So what must you learn to put yourself into a success consciousness?

The simple answer, because it really is a simple one yet so many find it so difficult to implement, is in creating an "I can" consciousness. Then back it with a tenacious determination that simply does not recognize any other outcome except success.

A Real Life Example

Take one of the most successful people from recent history as an enlightening example, such as Henry Ford to illustrate this point.

henry ford

Henry Ford

It is well known that Henry Ford did not have much in the way of an education and he came from a humble background. He had no "lucky breaks" or anything special about him that you or I do not possess. Yet he grew to create one of the most successful automobile companies on the planet.

It is also well documented that Mr Ford was an extremely driven man, to the point of being considered obstinate, although in reality he was not so hard and tyrannical as many believe. It is just that when a person is very persistent and headstrong, others take it as a sign of hardness and pig-headedness.

A poignant example of Mr Ford's tenacity is his decision to create his famous V8 engine. At the time, it was believed that a V8 motor could not be cast in a single block. So he gathered his team of engineers and mechanics and set them the task of finding a way to build the engine.

To a man, they declared that it was impossible, but Ford told them to try anyway, as he wanted that engine and he believed he would have it. For the next six months, the team worked on every conceivable design, but whatever they tried just wouldn't work.

They then met with Ford to give him the bad news, but he dismissed their objections and set them back to work to keep trying until they succeeded. More months passed and still no engine was built. But then suddenly, the secret was discovered and the engine was produced.

Ford's determination and persistence had won the day once again. Can you see how he succeeded?

You Don't Need to Be a Super Hero to Be a Success

Really, every single ordinary person (and really, no one is just "ordinary" as we are all "extraordinary") with at least an average level of intelligence and common sense can put themselves in a position where they can succeed at what they want. They just have to want it bad enough.

super heroWe all have a brain and the ability to think, to reason and to imagine. That means we all have the raw materials in our heads to come up with an idea of something we want to create or achieve and then set ourselves upon the path to get it.

The mind is an incredibly powerful tool that most of us squander every day of our lives on external influences that are beneath its magnificence. What do I mean?

We waste countless hours having our beautiful and complex minds being fed drivel. It all comes from the television and radio, pointless magazines, newspapers and other reading matter not designed to feed it but to merely fill it full of useless information.

We waste our energy getting angry at all the bad news stories we hear about, watch and read about when we could be putting that energy to better use. We could be using our time to go searching the depths of our amazing minds for ideas that will bring us a better life in every way imaginable.

Yet we can't imagine anything of any use until we stop allowing our minds to be fed and filled with so much junk and start clearing it of all the clutter and freeing it to create its own ideas, imaginations and ideals!

No, you don't need to be a superhero to do that. You just have to be ordinary, with an extraordinary eagerness to be better than you currently are!

Hunches and Ideas

thinking outside the box

Thinking out of the Box

When you start developing your own mental exercises to work with a clear mind in order to generate new ideas, be careful to listen to what your mind is telling you. We sometimes get what we call a hunch about something, but most of the time we dismiss it as nothing.

This is a mistake, because hunches are the manifestation of real ideas that are given to us from the depths of our own minds. These hunches tend to be fleeting and often unclear in their message, but sometimes they come in with a clarity that we cannot ignore. Always act on clear hunches!

From hunches come ideas and from ideas come methods of doing things that can result in us moving forward toward our goal.

Every step we take toward achieving our goal is a step in the right direction. Usually, that attainment of goals occurs in small incremental steps that we have to take to get to where we ant to be. Make sure you recognize when a new step is presented to you and make sure you eagerly and gratefully take it with every fibre of your being!

Being Definite in Knowing What You Want

Most people are unclear about what it is that they want in life. Many when asked will say things like, "I want lots of money," or "I want to be happy," or "I want to be healthy," and while these are good sentiments to hold, they are neither precise nor specific.

In order to attain a true goal in life, you must be definite about what that goal is.

If it's money you want, then decide on a precise figure that you wish to aim at earning. As this article is about increasing earnings potential, then let's focus on that kind of goal.

Rather than vapidly deciding you want "lots of money," instead, be definite and come up with a figure that you want to make. For example, put a figure on it and declare that you want to earn, say $30,000 net a month (effectively turning an annual income into a monthly income).

You may have absolutely no idea how you are going to achieve that figure right now, but you don't need to know how. You just need to know that you are going to earn it; do it; achieve it.

With a definite goal firmly fixed in your mind, you can then work on generating ideas that will present you with ways in which you can work toward that goal. Once you have the ideas, then it's time to start working on them.

Remember: sitting in a rocking chair and waiting for the money to fall into your lap is not going to produce any results. To get results, you have to act!

Making Things Happen in Your Life

Let's say you have decided upon your goal, you have generated some great ideas and you are ready to put those ideas into a strategy that will get you to your goal. You're not going to get there unless you can now call up your inner strength and become so determined to achieve that goal that you become intensely persistent in working toward it.

You have to become so focused and resolute in your strategy that nothing is going to stop you. You have to become tenacious in your belief that you can do it and refuse to let anyone tell you that you can't do it.

More failures have been racked up by people allowing themselves to become derailed in their endeavours by allowing sometimes well meaning people that are little more than naysayers getting to them with negativity and unbelief.

Always remember that it's your goal and not someone else's. No one else but you is responsible for attaining it. As long as you believe wholeheartedly in yourself and your ability to get there, you will get there.

Overcoming Obstacles

overcoming obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles

Along your path toward your goal will undoubtedly appear obstacles that will get in your way.

Most people will rear up, muster all their energy and try and force their way past the obstacle in their path. This will slow you down or worse, cause you to seriously delay your progress.

The last thing you want to do is to waste valuable energy in fighting your way through every blockage that gets in your way. You need that energy to stay focused and make the goal achievable, because there will be plenty of negativity all around you just waiting for your to slip up and let it defeat you.

The best way forward when something jumps up to block your path is not to fight it, but to go back to the clear mind approach and let your mind create a better solution for you. In other words, don't waste mental energy in resisting the obstacle but instead use that mental energy to make an asset of the obstacle and use it to your benefit somehow.

We all face obstructions that tend to get in our way from time to time and while most see them as the author of their defeat and failure, the enlightened one will see them as a learning process that will bring forth a positive outcome that will actually help propel them forward in their journey toward their ultimate goal.

Even perceived failures along the way can be viewed not as failures but as indicators that there might be a better way to do something. For example, think of a rocket going to the moon. Scientists tell us that a moon rocket is off course 98% of the time and it's only by continually re-correcting its trajectory that it gets to its goal.

We have to be like that when apparent failure besets us. Don't view it as a failure but as a stepping stone to success. It is telling us that we are off course and that we need to self correct ion order to maintain our course toward our goal.

Summing It All Up

To put it all together into a package that most anyone can understand and then apply, here is basically what needs to happen so that you can work toward increasing your earnings potential in your area of employ:

You can increase your earning potential as long as you desire to do it and you work diligently and tenaciously toward the definite goal that you set for yourself. As long as you don't give up, you will not fail because you can only fail if you give up!

Remember that and you will have the power to move forward and upward in your life. You will attain your goal in whatever you choose to aim for because you want it and you believe you can do it.

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