What is this gift that we possess that allows us to create images, sounds and sub-vocalized conversations inside our heads that we know as thought?

What do we truly know about it?

Where does it come from and how does it work?

thoughtThere are many questions that we can ask about our thoughts, yet very few of them have definite answers.

Rather than dwell on what we don't know about thought, let's instead focus on what we do know. We know that it's a mental function that every human being possesses and probably most of the animal kingdom too.

However, as far as we are aware, humans have the highest form of thoughts of all living creatures on this planet.

We have the faculty to direct our thoughts to whatever ends we desire. We possess the ability to reason, calculate, question and seek answers, learn and remember facts, understand and iterate language, create ideas and indulge in fantasy while awake and dream while asleep.


We also have our thoughts hooked up to our emotions, enabling us to experience different emotional states depending on what is uppermost in our thoughts. This ability expands our mental abilities to infinity and our understanding is that there are no limits on what we can conceive in our mental meanderings.

The only limits to our creative abilities are those that we place there ourselves!

This limitless creative faculty that we possess is instrumental in shaping our lives, whether we know or understand it or not. Our thoughts are measurable waves of energy that vibrate at different frequencies depending on what we are thinking about and feeling. These energy waves are attractive forces that attract or repel like or different energy waves that are generated from all kinds of different sources, but most notably other human minds.

Not only can we create new ideas seemingly from out of nothing, but it is believed that these ideas can be influenced by other mental activity and brought about by the subtle nuances of millions of sources of thought energy.

We Are Connected

That means we are all connected by the energy emitted by the mind of each and every one of us. We just haven't figured out how to verify that theory. Yet when we look at the way in which light waves can be bent and split into their spectral bands by other types of energy locked in objects like glass or water vapor, it seems obvious that different and like energy waves can and do influence each other in some ways.

So not only are we all connected at a very deep mental level as yet to be realized, we have the ability to subtly influence the thoughts and creative mental processes of other people when they are in a highly receptive state. These theories, ideas and understandings are discussed and theorized further in the series of articles published in this section.

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