Attractive Thinking

While it is so very important to be aware of what we are thinking about most of the time, to make our thoughts count we have to ensure they are attractive.

That means we need to be thinking about things that we want in such a way that will give the most potency to the attractive force emitted by those thoughts.

But how can we interpret what thoughts are more attractive than others? This is what we will be looking at in this article and also how we can work toward increasing the attractiveness of our thoughts so that the desired good we are hoping for will have the best chance of becoming manifest in our lives.

What is Meant by Attractive Thinking?

attractive thinkingWhen I use the term "attractive thinking" what I'm referring to here is the ability of a thought to attract to it similar energy vibrations that will bring good into our lives.

As already discussed in the article "What is Thinking?" we have understood that all thoughts are energy forms and as such vibrate on certain frequencies.

We also know from "The Law of Attraction" that certain frequencies of energy will attract energy that is vibrating on the same frequency as itself. So from that we can deduce that like thought forms, ideas and circumstances will be attracted to our thoughts as long as they are vibrating on the same frequency.

So how do we increase the attractiveness of our thoughts?

Increasing Potency

Prolonged intensity of thought will create a strong desire in us to have the thing desired. Once we have cultivated that intensity of desire, the emotion with which we associate the thought of the desired thing similarly grows in intensity. We also understand that a thought form mixed with strong emotion is more readily accepted by the subconscious to be transmitted into the ether where it can attract like energy to itself.

It makes sense then to amplify our positive emotions whenever we concentrate on the thought of the good that we desire in our lives. If we try to do this when we are in a negative emotional state, we will literally reverse the polarity of the thought and cause it to attract negative energy, of which there is an abundance all around us.

Avoiding Negative Energy

turning your back on negativityWe also noted in the previous article that we are all connected, even though we don't realize it yet. That means our minds are in some way connected with all other minds through the power of thought waves that we transmit and receive.

As most people are operating on a predominantly negative thought aspect they are mostly unaware of, this is what we must avoid attracting to us. To do this we must ensure we remain on a positive mental aspect by focusing on good, happy and uplifting thoughts.

Avoid trying to ward off the negative by not giving it your attention. Wherever your attention is, is what you attract to you. To avoid the negative, you must focus on the positive and by doing that, the negative falls away through being ignored.

Biblically, we can liken this to the idea of "Satan, get thee behind me." By turning your back on what you don't want you give it no power. When you give your full attention to what you do want, it gets all the power and that is what is attracted to you.

Stay Positive

By practicing remaining positive as much as possible, you create a positive receptivity to the good that you want in your life. It attracts more good things to make you feel good which lifts you up higher and makes it easier to maintain a positive attitude.

It's like an upward spiral of positivity that you attract by putting it out and getting more of the same back. When in this state, the negative simply can't reach you! This is the mental state you want to achieve in order to attract the good to you all the time on your journey to your own success.

It is literally a process of thinking in an attractive way. This is because it attracts positive energy to you which keeps the cycle of upward bound mental activity going. It's a highly desirable state to be in!