The Principle of Supply and Demand

One of the great constants in the world of commerce as in any aspect of life is the principle of supply and demand: Where there is a demand for something, the supply will follow.

We see this in the creation of every new invention where the need for something better or innovative has arisen.

It is a part of the grand scheme of all things that exists because, in essence, you can't have one without the other. This article takes a look at how the relationship between supply and demand works and why it is such a powerful concept to understand.

Why Does Demand Engender Supply?

demandYou've probably heard of the concept of supply and demand, but maybe never gave it a lot of thought. But when you think about it, it's all around for you to see. If we take nature as our main reference, we can see how wherever there has been a demand for anything, the supply shows up.

The most obvious example is that where plants need water and sunlight to grow, those elements are supplied by nature. In some extreme climates, the rain may not show up for a long time, but eventually it must. Nature knows no failures. What it needs it creates and what it creates, it needs.

This is the basic concept of the demand for a thing being the stimulus that creates the supply of the thing demanded. In human terms, we see this evident in the way in which we are progressing with advances in both manufacturing and in technology.

The Arrival of Machines

Before we had machines, everything was done by hand. It was slow, labor intensive and inefficient. The demand for greater efficiency, faster production on a greater scale and cheaper productions costs (in essence, cheaper labor) gave man the idea to build machines to fulfil the need.

It is this inherent drive for the better that forces the human race to strive to create solutions to problems that stand in our way of achieving better things. The catch is that we first have to realize the need for the better before we can create it.

The Automobile

classic carBefore we had the motor car, the horse and carriage was the chief method of transport. However, we never would have progressed to faster and more efficient modes of transport if the demand hadn't appeared. An idea was given to people who were in a position to develop existing machine technology to create an engine that could drive a horseless carriage and so it wasn't long before the car made its appearance.

You may wonder why we were so long without the automobile when machines had been around for many years prior to their arrival. The simple fact is that people didn't have the consciousness to imagine such a thing! They were content with the horse drawn carriage and that was adequate for what their minds could envisage.

But eventually, minds began to imagine greater things and so the automobile came into existence. Before too long, further advances in transportation appeared with the Wright Brothers proving that manned flight was possible. Today, we enjoy what to our forefathers would have seemed like miracles in the way we get about the place.

Creation to Uptake

With many great innovative inventions, a certain length of time has tended to elapse between their creation and the public embracing the new innovation. When Thomas Edison perfected the carbon filament lamp, it was several years before we saw electric wires being strung up all over town to light buildings and street with this new, efficient and superior form of lighting.

Before that, a great deal of resistance was put in its path. People felt the new lighting was too expensive or too big a change from what they were used to. But change happens and it happens faster as the widespread demand for the new starts to gather momentum.

All the Supply that Ever There Was...

all the supplyThere are many who look at their lives and see limitation, lack, obstacles to their success and any number of reasons why they haven't enjoyed the kind of success and prosperity they believe they deserve. They blame what they perceive as the lack of supply on their failures.

But the truth is that there is unlimited supply of everything anyone could possibly want. It just takes a shift in consciousness to see it.

Once we get it into our heads that everything in the entire universe is made up of one single element, energy, then we can shift our consciousness up a notch or several and really start to embrace the truth about the laws of nature and physics.

That's because once we realize that everything is energy, it becomes apparent that there is an unlimited supply of everything we will ever need. And it's all around us. Energy is all around and about us. We are made of energy, as is the ground we stand on and the air we breathe.

The Magic of Life

the magic of lifeThe magic starts to happen when we take a further quantum leap in consciousness and realize that our minds are creative broadcast and receiving stations for thought waves, which are... energy! Every thought is a creation and when that creation takes the form of an idea, it can manifest in our reality as a solid, finished article.

That happens once we have gone through the process of turning an idea into a solid plan on paper that ends up in the manufacturing stage. Of course humankind hasn't evolved to the point where we can do away with the physical manufacturing process and simply "think" things into solid existence. Maybe that day will come.

But for now, we can and are progressing at an incredible rate to create amazing things that started out as nothing more than an intangible thought form in someone's head. An idea!

So next time you are stumped to see a way past what seems like an insurmountable obstacle in your way, just remember that you only have to imagine a solution and you will find it. The supply is there in the form of intangible energy, until it coalesces into physical form through the power of demand. That is your demand for the answer and it is created through nothing more than an idea.

Ideas are formed in intangible energy flow that is influenced by our thoughts. The energy molds itself to our thoughts and becomes an idea, a hunch or a definite plan. It is then up to us to take action to bring that creation into the physical realm by putting the plan into action.

The supply is there for all of us to use. We just have to realize that it's there and put it to good use.