Effecting Wealth

As most of us already know, the attainment of wealth is a dream we hold but few ever achieve. Why is this when an equal supply is available to all?

It's a perplexing quandary that has stumped the masses in general since the beginning of civilization. How can a person effect wealth when they can't see where it's going to come from?

Yet despite the failure of the many to realize the law of attraction to wealth that we all possess, there are some who do attain it. And it is learning how they did it that this article deal with.

We can all see the abundant supply of wealth that exists and we know that someone is getting it. But we can rarely see how we can do what they are doing and succeed.

Where Do We Go Wrong?

where do we go wrongIt probably doesn't help to know that around just one percent of the world population earns about 96% of all the money that is earned.

While this elite group of people enjoy the spoils of their achievements, the masses tend to live on their own level and spend their entire lives working just so they can make ends meet and eke out the best existence they can on what they have.

Then there are the millions that don't even make it to that level of living and exist in poverty and wretchedness their entire lives. Few ever break out from that life, but while the majority spend their days complaining about their unfortunate lot in life, the few that do escape it go on to enjoy a much better standard of living.

Lastly, there is the minority group that can see no other option other than turning to crime to create their living. The vast majority of these spend a goodly proportion of their lives behind bars and become accustomed to their loss of liberty to the extent that as soon as they are freed, over 90% of them return to their old ways and are soon re-arrested and incarcerated.

So what is everyone doing wrong that so few are doing right?

The Mindset Failure

If you go back in time, it will become evident that this way of things has always been the way of things. History shows us that there has always been a mass of the poor, or peasants that were ruled by a chosen few of the rich and powerful.

As many suppose, the rich and overbearing must have become that way through evil or sinful behaviour or getting all the lucky breaks that most everyone else were kept from. But this would be the wrong way to assess the situation. Certainly it is a convenient explanation supported by those groups intent on maintaining the situation.

The truth is of course in the way the minds of the rich and powerful work in relation to the poor and poverty stricken masses. One group of people has no superior mental faculty that the other doesn't have, nor any special luck or evil intent. It is all down to the way a person's mind works.

The Power of Thought

power of thoughtThe successful person simply maintains a success thought pattern while the unsuccessful person maintains a failure thought pattern.

It really is that simple!

This may come as a surprise to many, but while most of us believe that we are thinking in a positive way, we really aren't. In fact most of us are not thinking at all!

"Well everybody thinks," you may say but you'd be wrong. Our thoughts are mostly directed by what is going on around us, so our minds are kept busy in figuring all the external activity, but while it's being kept busy, it is not thinking of its own accord.

Mental activity does not constitute thinking!

True thinking only comes when the mind is allowed to become still and uninterrupted by external stimulus. Then a deep thought process can be allowed to become active and it is from this pool of deep thought that ideas percolate up to the surface of our minds.


When we generate ideas all by ourselves not influenced by any external input such as the television or radio, newspapers or magazines or other people's conversations, we are actually in the creative process. And it is from this process that the way for us to grow in all areas of our lives comes to us.

It is then simply a case of putting those ideas to work in order to form plans for attaining the wealth, health and happiness that we desire. Of course, we have to act on those ideas or I think you'll have to agree nothing much will come of them.

Nothing happens until something happens!

Sitting in a rocking chair and coming up with a multitude of great ideas is not going to do you any good if you just stay there and wait for the money to arrive. It doesn't work that way. You have to do something before anything will change.

Taking Action

taking action"God helps those that help themselves," is a very apt saying and it is literally true in the sense that anyone that ever achieved anything of worth did it because they got up and did it!

The Wright Brothers would never have made it into the air if they hadn't worked to build their test aircraft, tested and failed numerous times but kept going until they succeeded.

Why do you think that most welfare recipients remain as such and in many cases are second, third or even fourth generation welfare recipients? It's because they don't have any reason to do anything differently than what they're already doing.

They get enough money to live on and they reason that they would not be able to earn much more than that if they went out and got a low paid job working lousy hours and for a boss that they would probably hate. That reasoning keeps them turning up for their free handouts week after week.

It is only the few that take action and use their ideas to generate the wealth they desire. You will see the ones that succeed are the ones that not only went out and did what they decided to do, but they incorporated another seemingly (to most people) magical ingredient into the mix.


They stuck to their guns, despite what anyone else said and they persisted until they succeeded. Many may have failed several times and at times it may have seemed like everything was lost, but the ones that had that sticking power, that tenacity that separates the winners from the failures, they were the ones that ultimately succeeded.

So let's get back to where we came in. Attaining wealth is not something you will get by going to work and trading time for money. That is probably the worst way of earning a living, but it's one that 96% of people do.

It stands to reason that someone on welfare is never going to attain wealth and neither will most criminals since they'll spend most of their days locked away in prison. The poverty stricken will never attain wealth until they cease to see themselves in poverty.

The few that break out of the box, create their own ideas on how to attain wealth and then get to it and work at those ideas until they bear fruit are the ones that will get it.

You Can Have Wealth

You can choose to remain as part of the safe 96% majority and like them, disbelieve any of this because you have safety in numbers and the numbers don't believe in this. You can keep doing what you're doing and maybe go a little way but until you're willing to change, you're never going to have the money.

Or you can break out of the box yourself, embrace this long known truth and turn your back on the disbelievers and naysayers. And generate your own ideas and from them, generate the wealth that you, I and everyone who dares to, can have!

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